Special Event Ice & Bulk Ice in Minnesota

Hosting a special event in Minnesota? Don’t forget the ice! Waterville Foods & Ice Inc. brings you bulk ice for any occasion, with a starting minimum. As a full-scale ice manufacturer, our production capabilities can scale to meet your needs, and we always strive to meet your expectations in how we do business. Chat with us about the type of ice you need, how much, when and any special considerations you have.

We distribute throughout Minnesota from our location in Waterville, MN. Whether you need bulk ice for a nearby wedding or want to put in a standing order for an event venue in the twin cities, we make getting bulk ice, carving ice, and more easy.

Bulk Ice

Bulk Orders for Events

Our minimum order quantity for bulk ice for special events is 1000lbs. We can fill orders of any size beyond this minimum requirement—just chat with us about your needs and we’ll make sure they’re met in full. We offer bulk pricing based on the order amount and will work with you to ensure your order comes within budget within your servicing area.

Superior Quality

We understand that the ice for your event needs to be of the highest quality. Our ice is as pure as it comes—99.7% purity, guaranteed! This ensures it’s safe for chilling both food and drink. We’re also registered with the FDA and Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA), giving you peace of mind that our ice is suitable for the food and drink you’re serving. The IPIA-PICQS PLUS inspects our ice to ensure we provide you with the highest quality product.

Don’t Forget the Ice!

If you’re hosting a special event or operate an event venue with a revolving lineup of events, make the decision to partner with Waterville Foods & Ice Inc. for bulk ice for your event. With affordable pricing, bulk production capabilities and the purest ice possible, you’ll get exactly what you need—including stellar customer service.
Contact us today at 507-362-8177 to place an order for ice wholesale for your next event.