Carving Ice & Dry Ice For Sale in Minnesota

If you’re looking for dry ice in Minnesota, Waterville Foods & Ice Inc. provides a wide assortment of ice products to meet the demands of our customers. Whether you’re placing a one-time order for a special event or need recurring deliveries of bulk bagged ice to resale for your customers, we’ve got you covered. We supply a wide range of bulk ice products, direct from our facility in Waterville, MN.

Ice for Events

  • Cubed ice: We’re best-known for our bagged ice blocks and cubed ice, available for restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores and any other customer looking for a solution to ice supply. We welcome orders in excess of 1000lbs.
  • Carving ice: We have carving ice available for a wide array of uses. Whether you’re going to carve it into something special as a centerpiece or a large block to use for temporary refrigeration, we have carving ice ready to deliver to you.
  • Ice bowl: Putting together a gala event? Looking for a simple solution to keeping food presentable and on-ice? We bring our customers the convenience of ice bowls in bulk, tending to the needs of event planners, caterers, gala organizers and more.
  • Dry ice for sale: We supply freight and cargo operations with dry ice for sale for climate-controlled storage, as well as other customers seeking dry ice for preservation. Small and large quantities are available by appointment for pickup.
  • Ice for events: If you’re hosting an event, make sure you’ve got enough ice to keep the food fresh and the drinks cold! We cater to ice for events of all sizes and types, bringing you pure, quality ice in whatever quantities you need for the occasion.

Contact Us!

From right here in Waterville, Minnesota all the way up to the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas in Kilkenny, Elysian, and Morristown, MN, Waterville Foods & Ice Inc. is your resource for all types of ice products. Whatever type of ice you need, you’ll get it: in bulk and at the highest standards for purity (99.7% pure). Contact us today at 507-362-8177 to discuss pricing on buying ice wholesale and bulk quantities of ice blocks and more.